Thursday, 26 September 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (Heavy Duty Concealer) Review!

Being the easily influenced person I am, after I saw one person blog about the new Seventeen concealer and compare it to Benefit Erase Paste - I went out and bought it. This is a new heavy duty under eye concealer that promises some pretty amazing things from a lower end drug store brand.

I really wasn't sure what to expect. The tester seemed quite sticky and opaque, similar to the texture of my beloved (discontinued) MAC Studio Fix concealer. But when I got home and went to use it, it didn't seem as gloopy! When gloopy is what I wanted. I find that I have to kind of manipulate it a bit to get it back to that texture with some heat before it really works.

The packaging is quite basic with the top half being a compact mirror - which is kind of useful but not really! It's not the type of concealer that you would take out with you for touchups as it's not easy to blend in, especially not over the top of an already made up face - so you would never really use the mirror. Does make the actual packaging itself look a bit nicer though.

As you can see on my finger it almost looks quite chalky! Like I said, you really do need to put some warmth onto this to get it to the right texture. All of that being said though, I do quite like it - the days where I can get it to blend perfectly I really love it. It definitely does not work anywhere else other than under the eye though! I tried it on a few small blemishes on my jawline and forehead and it just looked terrible.

A bit of a mixed bag I know - but it really is one of those products that if you can get it to work, then it does perform. But if you don't try with it or don't do enough with it then you will end up with bad results!

Have you tried this? It's being sold for £5.49 at Boots.

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  1. I have this concealer and I really like it, its sitting in my makeup kit now :) x