Thursday, 5 September 2013

My favourite lipsticks: reds!

In all honesty, every time I put on red lipstick I either think one of two things: the first is "do I look like a five year in her mum's makeup?" and the second is "I look so sophisticated!". And whichever one I think is to do with the shade of red. There are so many different tones and shades of red out there that it puts a lot of people off even trying them! Luckily as I've got older (and spent more money on lipsticks.. oops) I've managed to find some firm favourites that I know suit me.

L-R: Lime Crime Velvetines 'Red Velvet', MAC Marilyn Monroe 'Deeply Adored', Kate Moss for Rimmel '01', MAC Riri Woo

These are actually all quite different reds so I hope it instills some hope in you for your own red lips! Lime Crime's Red Velvet is actually a liquid lipstick that goes on as a gloss, but dries matte. I absolutely love this - you don't need very much to get amazing colour, it dries quickly and barely smudges. It's a velvety rose red, definitely not a bright red but very classy.

Sorry for including a limited edition lipstick (well two!) but I had to - from the Marilyn Monroe collection I managed to snag Deeply Adored. On me it is almost a browny red - I'm pretty sure it was described as a deep scarlet though. It is very much a deep movie star red and I thought it captured the Marilyn feel perfectly. I can imagine this looks absolutely amazing on people with darker skin as it would look so sultry and vampy!

Doesn't everyone love the Kate Moss lipsticks by now? Colour, staying power and a cheap price tag?! This one is the most 'classic' red out of the four - just a bright true red that actually seems to suit a lot of people. 

My last one (another limited... shoot me) is the famous Riri Woo. Very, very close to it's cousin Ruby Woo. A lot of people actually said if you already have Ruby Woo don't bother getting this! This is a retro matte finish and it is very matte - which I love - but I know bothers a lot of people. You must have well conditioned lips to wear this though or it just tugs and pulls! It's a super bright, blue based red that you have to have guts to wear.

I would have included Russian Red by MAC in here too but sadly I couldn't find it! However it is a shade worth checking out as it is absolutely lovely and on par with all of the above lipsticks.

Do you have a favourite red or are you still looking? Let me know down below :)

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  1. I love me some reds too, specially for the colder months. My favourite is Ruby Woo! I also like the Kate Moss one for Rimmel n 107. xx

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  3. I'm such a fan of red lips too and I love the RiRi Woo shade! xx