Thursday, 12 September 2013

MAC Girl About Town - goodbye summer lipstick!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I've been missing the past few days, I've been trying to sort out my move to Manchester and it doesn't give me much relaxing time. In the week or so I've been doing this, the super nice weather has disappeared to be replaced by rain and misery. Therefore I wanted to wear a stupidly bright, girly lipstick to say goodbye to summer.

MAC Girl About Town. It is Barbie-esque, it is bright, it is bold. I rarely wear this as it is so bright you tend to worry about looking silly in it! However I knew I needed to get it back out before I started wearing the deeper, darker colours of winter.

This picture has been taken with flash and you really can't even see how bright it is with this swatch! However it is a lovely shade that has great staying power and a good finish. It's also a well known dupe for the MAC Pro Show Orchid which I tried and failed to get a hold of for the longest time. 

Are you frantically trying to live out the last of summer? Or have you already given in to open fires and mugs of tea? 


  1. thats so pretty! i have never ever tried a mac lipstick! x

  2. I love the colour, I never try MAC because it's quite pricey but it's good to see some reviews before you purchase something

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  3. I've wanted to try out this shade for aaages. Its such a pretty pink! x

  4. Such a nice colour, I never wear lipstick but this looks so nice!

  5. This is such a lovely shade of red, love it! :)


  6. Wow you have such amazing lips - I am so jealous! This is a really pretty shade, I love it xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. That's such a gorgeous shade for Autumn and Winter!

    Beth | LittleMissFashion

  8. i adore girl about town! thought i'd lost mine but recently found it again and have been wearing it a lot :) great post and blog!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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  9. This is such a bright, pretty lipstick! x