Monday, 16 September 2013

Elegant Touch House of Holland Nails Review

As soon as I saw people write about these I knew that they would one day be mine. I didn't expect that it would be so soon! They are in fact on my fingers now (making it hard to type may I add as they are super long) and I love them so much!

I bought the 'Classy Nude' nails (and the Dotty ones - review later!) even though I had really wanted the Heartbreaker set. Annoyingly the Heartbreaker set turned out to be quite shiny where as the Classy Nude set is lovely and matte. There are 24 in a pack so depending what sizes you use you should hopefully have enough for 2 sets!

These are supposed to last upto 10 days and I'm pretty sure they will - they are glued solidly onto my fingers and don't seem to be making a move any time soon! They are super long, a bit over the top and a bit trashy - and I love them so much! I actually think these blend in quite well to my fingers too - considering how over the top they are. Application was easy and the range of nail sizes is really good - I didn't have to file down any of them to make them fit. 

This particular set is £7.99 which I think it reasonable - I've paid around that price for ones that look cheap and tacky and lasted approximately 1 day. Like I said above I bought the Dotty pack too (£8.99) on a buy one get on half price offer in Boots. Usually Boots or Superdrug have some kind of offer like this on anyway so I doubt you'll pay full price for these often!



  1. I actually really love these, the shape and the matte finish is just gorgeous! :) xx

  2. Love the matte finish on these! I'd seen these on other blogs and I'm still undecided, I have quite long nails naturally but my job involves a lot of typing. I think for how good these nails look though I wouldn't mind if it slowed me down a little on the keyboard lol.

    Lisa x

  3. These are ideal! I love the stiletto nails but I didn't want to get acrylics, i cant stand it when they grow off! Kirsty x Rockit Style