Monday, 29 July 2013

H&M - Vintage homeware finds!

Hello everyone! As I was about to attempt to take some nice pictures outside, a thunderstorm decided to rear it's head. So whilst me, the puppy and cat all quiver inside, I thought I'd distract myself by finding some lovely homeware and sharing it with you all!

Vintage H&M Homewares

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Perfect gift for beauty lovers!

Hello everyone! It's recently been one of my best friend's birthdays (happy birthday Eli!) and she is equally as obsessed with all things beauty as I am. For me, that's excellent, as I can pretty much buy her anything that I really enjoy and know that she'll love it too! However, I know it can be a struggle some times to think of 'special' beauty gifts - and I'm so pleased with everything I bought her this year - but there was one in particular I loved.

This is a gift that I would really really love to recieve myself - you wouldn't believe the temptation to order myself one at the same time! It's the Nails Inc 'Couture' polish. You essentially completely customise your own bottle of nail varnish - you pick the cap, the colour, and my favourite part - you can rename the polish on the bottom of the bottle! This is perfect for putting on a little inside joke - as mine is, I won't even try to explain the joke - or someone's nickname etc, just to make it feel really special. I chose the black studded cap, with the colour Savile Row (gloss finish). They then pack it into a lovely little box, you choose two stickers to put on there, and then a nice ribbon with a bow is popped on it and voila! Some people may find the £20 price tag a little bit expensive, but when you consider a regular polish by them is £11 and the special effects one are at least £12 and upwards, I don't think it's that bad. You're paying for the personalisation as well as a presentation box (which you know would cost you £3-£4 in a card shop anyway without looking half as nice). I just think it's a really lovely, unique gift and I would definitely purchase again!

So what do you think? Is the £20 price tag worth what you get inside? For me (and for Eli) it was! Obviously Nails Inc. is of very good quality and the whole gift looks and feels very professional. I hope this gave you some inspiration for future gifts - if not, you can always have fun customising things on the website!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Mini summer haul!

Hello everyone! Hope that the weather isn't all baking you to death like it is me at work - no air conditioning = torture! Every time I've had my lunch break I've dashed out to try and enjoy the sunshine (and the air con of other stores!) and might have ended up picking up these treats. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My tiny tattoo experience!

So, I wasn't planning to upload another blog post for a few days, but yesterday on a whim I finally got the tattoo I've been after for years. So I thought I'd share my short yet sweet experience with getting it!

Sorry for the terrible angle - have you ever tried to take a photo of your own ankle?!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

My new ombré hair (about ten years late!)

Hello everyone! In case you've been living under a rock, you might have noticed England has been gloriously sunny lately! I've been slapping on the SPF and skirts everyday, making the most of this little heatwave. Now, recently I took out my micro ring extensions (you can see what they looked like in my first ever post) and because of it I've been hating my hair! I needed to do something about it - and I've always loved the way ombre/dip dyed hair looks - so one evening last week I just went for it!