Monday, 29 July 2013

H&M - Vintage homeware finds!

Hello everyone! As I was about to attempt to take some nice pictures outside, a thunderstorm decided to rear it's head. So whilst me, the puppy and cat all quiver inside, I thought I'd distract myself by finding some lovely homeware and sharing it with you all!

Vintage H&M Homewares

Me and my boyfriend currently live in a little 2 bed house in a smallish village whilst we're saving up to move away to Manchester. At the minute we don't really feel like this place is our home - the decor left by the previous homeowners isn't really to our taste and we don't have enough money/furniture etc of our own to completely overhaul it! So instead we've been keeping an eye out for bits and bobs we can collect to take with us to Manchester, and then hopefully we can make our house look exactly how we want it to!

As girly as I like to be, I love my home furnishings to be vintage looking, old, battered, and a bit jumbled. This of course tends to be the stuff that gets expensive - vintage (or even vintage looking) chest of drawers, wardrobes, etc! And as much as I love Urban Outfitters, it is way overpriced for a lot of the stuff they sell. I stumbled across the Miss Budget Beauty blog earlier, and noticed she had put up a discount link for H&M - so off I toddled, looking at clothes, when I noticed the 'Home' tab. I had never seen this before! Clicking on it I was absolutely amazed and have pretty much added every single thing to my wishlist. They have a great range of styles and it's all at amazing prices - some of the cushion covers are as little priced as £1.99, and all of the little apothecary bottles are also really cheap. So here are some of my favourites!

Building cushion cover (£1.99) - 
It might sound lame, but when I saw this I thought of Friends (the TV show) straight away! So essentially just a New York building - but it's very cute and old photograph looking - and it's £1.99! In all honesty I would have paid the £6.99 full price.

I always see loads of covers like this in places like Next, where they want to charge me at least £15 per cushion. H&M have a lot like this in various colours so you can stock up on different random French phrases to your heart's content!

Weight side plate (£1.99) -
One day I would love to have a cupboard full of random plates like this (and the next one) - none would be the same but all of this theme. They also have a few of these in different 'weights' on the plates.

Dog side plate (£4.99) -
Same goes for this as the last one - so cute! This one is a bit more expensive but obviously as I wouldn't want them all the same I can splurge a little on this one.

Glass vase (£5.99) -
I literally want a million of these scattered everywhere, with candles sticking out the top of them. Life dream.

Candle (£3.99) -
I know beauty bloggers seem to love their pricey candles, but I don't really feel the same way - burning a candle that costs £30 seems insane to me! So for now until I understand that concept, I'll stick to burning these little ones for £3.99 as much as I like.

Bunny candlestick (£4.99) -
I had thought this was a ring holder and was convinced - then I saw it was actually a candlestick and thought it was even cuter! I can just see it next to my little bottles with candles sticking out of them and wax all running down it looking all messy and lovely. Ahhh.

Letter hook (£1.99) -
Annoyingly only the letter 'A' seems to be left, so I probably won't actually buy this - but I love it. It would be cool have a little collage of these spelling something cool in the hallway or on the back of your bedroom door.

Well! Sorry for the lengthy post but I needed a distraction. I really liked writing this out though so if you want to see more home themed posts like this just let me know! No doubt I'll have plenty already stocked up in case (Polyvore is my new favourite love, have I been living in a hole?). Hope you're all having a good day despite the horrible change in weather!


  1. Ahhhh the black bunny is soooooo cute :D I love everything you bought xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  2. wow! i had no idea H&M sold all this lovely stuff! i love all of it! xx