Monday, 3 February 2014

A Look Back At January - Favourites

I think I can say with some confidence that we are all very relieved that January is over. Let's be honest: it was miserable, depressing, no one had any money, and it was overall: shit. (Excuse the swearing). So I thought I'd share the (few) happy bits of January and the bits and bobs I discovered in the month of misery.

1. gothic make up day
2. super amazing lamb pie i made
3. sleepy puppy + sleepy boyfriend
4. champagne for my sister's birthday
5. cocktails with my sister
6. aforementioned tasty cocktails from Turtle Bay in Nottingham


I have been so into a band called Le Youth in January. Not my normal style at all - but it gets played in the store I work at and when you hear the songs over and over some begin to make an impact! My favourites are Cool (the video I've linked) and Dance With Me. Worth a listen!


I was a bit unsure about this book when I finished it as I was a little disappointed at the ending. It's essentially about a couple who are perfectly normal - when one day the woman disappears. No one can find her and all of a sudden supposed stories come out about her husband threatening her, her being terrified of him, lie after lie. You follow her husband trying to find where she is and what on earth is going on. I loved this aspect of the book, it was brilliant and written so well - however the ending was a bit of a let down like I say. I have to recommend it though as it kept me gripped for an entire train journey home and I finished it in one sitting!


Erm, so I may be a bit late to this but can we talk about Sherlock?! Me and Damien finally watched the first episode the other night and we are hooked. We don't have too much money at the minute to spend on going out so I can see a good long while being spent watching Sherlock.

How was your January? Hope it wasn't too bad - looking back at little bits like this has actually made me feel a lot better about the month. Bring on February!