Thursday, 12 September 2013

L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution

I've been holding off reviewing this for quite a while now, because I just couldn't make my mind up about it. Now I'm past the halfway mark I thought it was about time I shared how I felt about it!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that the beauty world is crazy for Bioderma. However for the 250ml bottle of Bioderma Micelle Solution it's a whopping £10, before postage and packaging! This is because it's a French brand and has to imported here which means we pay a lot more for it. So when I saw L'oreal were doing a high street version at a measly £4.99 (currently £3.33 at Boots on offer I bought it straight away.

It claims to be as gentle as water, and says it will dissolve makeup, unclog pores, and tone and soothe skin. That's a lot of promise! I do agree that it dissolves my makeup quite well, and it is very gentle and soothing. As for the rest, not so much. Having never tried the Bioderma version I can only imagine L'oreal is trying to be everything Bioderma is! 

My only gripes with it are that it can never quite get off all of my mascara, (but I'm yet to meet anything that can so that doesn't bother me too much). It also obviously has to be used with cotton wool pads and going through 4-5 pads every time means I get through a pack very quickly now. In all honesty, it's just an 'alright' product - I don't hate it, but I really don't love it. Maybe it's time I invested in Bioderma and just dealt with the price!


  1. Ive heard so much hype about this products being amazing! I think i might pick it up for the cheap price tag but interesting to know that it might not quite be "all that" - nice post!!

  2. Oooh thanks for the review! I saw an advert for this just before it was released and i was dying to try it so i'm glad that it's still on special offer :) I read the reviews on the boots online website and lots of people said it was great so i'm dying to give it a go!


  3. thank so much for the review, been dying to try this! i'll go get it and have a go myself! :) Xx