Monday, 2 September 2013

Lime Crime - an honest review

I've known about the brand Lime Crime for a good few years now, but as with most of the UK can't afford the shipping rates etc that they offer so never had the opportunity to try it. Now they actually have a few UK sellers and I've managed to snag a few of their products. Recently I've noticed quite a few beauty bloggers either reviewing or doing looks with their products so I thought I'd also re-visit them and do a little review. *Warning - picture heavy blog post!*

If you are unfamiliar with Lime Crime, they are an American brand who specialise in vivid, unusual lipsticks - for example bright blue, yellow, mint green to name a few! Quite a few years ago there was some controversy to do with the business and it's owner which I won't go into here - go here if you need to catch up. Either way it put a bit of a black cloud hovering over them which they have since worked very hard to come back from.

Left: Chinchilla, Right: Poisonberry

I have two colours from their lipstick collection, Chinchilla and Poisonberry. The formula for both lipsticks are very creamy and have great colour payoff, though as you can see from the lip swatches they are quite patchy and you tend to get a lot of inner lip colour showing through. 

Chinchilla is a grey/lavender shade, which definitely comes off as a very light grey on me. Although a really lovely shade it's quite unwearable for most occasions! Poisonberry is a deep berry shade that I thought would be perfect for winter, but for some reason just never reach for it.

I think most of the lipstick collection apart from a few - the pink tones etc - would be much better suited to photo shoot/television make up as most are just so unwearable that you can't justify buying them. They are very much novelty shades - and these two are just the tamer shades! Each lipstick retails on the website at $15.99 which isn't cheap either. :(

However it's not all bad, Lime Crime do a lot of other products now which actually are brilliant. If you haven't seen the Velvetine matte liquid lipsticks they do then you are seriously missing out as they are brilliant. They are definitely a brand worth checking out despite all of the controversy previously mentioned.

Have you ever bought anything from this brand? Has bad press ever put you off buying things before? Let me know!

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  1. oh i havent tried anything from lime crime! great review, very honest!

  2. ive never heard/tried this brand they seem interesting though! nice post :)

  3. Love the Berry Color :)

  4. I've never tried this brand but i follow the girl who started the company on instagram! She is a doll. Beautiful colors!
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  5. Ive heard such mixed reviews on these, I havent seen these shades though. I really want to try one to decide for myself but I'm not sure which one I want xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. I'd definitely do as much research as you can before buying as they are such a mixed bag! I think the more neutral colours tend to be better as they don't have to do so much to the formula as for the crazy colours.