Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MUA/One Direction 'Kiss Me' Lipstick Review

Let me start off by saying no, I am not a One Direction fan. When I first heard about this collection all I wanted to do was stay the hell away! Then the reviews started trickling in and I had to admit to myself that the lipsticks actually looked pretty darn good.

I chose Niall's shade Moments, which is a lovely soft pink. I didn't really need another 'lips but better' shade but when it's £3 how can you resist? And the fact that when I swatched it I was super impressed by a 1D MUA lipstick meant I couldn't pass it up!

I'm actually really enjoying the packaging as well - obviously the 1D fanbase is fairly young and whilst the bright colours, signatures and plastic tubes probably appeal to them I find myself not too offended by it either! They could have gone horribly tacky with the packaging but I think it's quite a good blend. The bullet itself is actually covered with 'x' and 'o' (kisses and hugs) with 1D at the tip, which obviously goes away when you use it but it's a nice touch - something you tend to see from high end lipsticks, not MUA!

I definitely would recommend this, I had no trouble applying it and although the colours don't last for an entire day I didn't expect it to - it's £3 lipstick people! I say if you find a colour you like go for it, and just don't admit it's One Direction when people ask... :P


  1. I didnt even know one direction were doing lipsticks and I wouldnt rush out to buy it, but this colour looks like my sort of shade, definately putting it in my basket next time i pop in to superdrug-thats if the teeny boppers havent taken them all!! xxx

    1. Haha I know right! I half expected the woman at the till to look at me oddly because I wasn't 12 years old... ! xxx