Sunday, 18 May 2014

Budget Holiday Wishlist!

So this morning me and my boyfriend finally - FINALLY - managed to book our holiday for July! I could not be more excited and despite promises to myself to not go mental buying a holiday wardrobe there are obviously a few bits and pieces I should pick up.. right?! I've been trawling the web to find some bargains and I thought I'd share them with you.

Holiday wish list

Holiday wish list by erinjainex

I literally cannot believe this is only £5.99! Perfect little cover up dress for throwing on at the beach or on a daytime walk. Yes, it's probably a tiny bit see through but what you need it for I don't think it really matters - and for £5.99 you wouldn't expect it to be much else. Style it like above or with flip-flops, a big tote beach bag and a long simple necklace.

I absolutely love these kind of bikini tops, I think they look so amazing! The best bit about buying a black or white version about this is that you can team it with any normal bottoms - the bottoms on ASOS to match were £12 but they'd look equally as good with a normal pair of black bottoms. The only obvious thing that slightly worries me is tan lines?! Ah well, I'll figure it out.

Another bargain here. Just very basic leather look strap sandals that you can stick into your bag and go with pretty much every outfit. These are available in almost every colour as well - I definitely love this yellow pair but I'll probably be sensible and get white or black!

Although the high street everywhere has new fancy styles of sunglasses, I'm a classic girl. I love this kind of 'retro' shape where the frame doesn't actually go all the way around! I have relented to this style being a bit more modern with the coloured lenses - they've got a reflected metallic coating on them which apart from looking awesome, apparently give off minimal glare. (But they look good which is the main nice thing). 

This is the one piece that I know isn't really budget - almost £30 on a hat is a bit extreme. But I seriously love this hat so much that I'm a bit concerned about myself. Large floppy hats are always popular in summer anyway but to be honest, have always been favoured by elderly women. The floppy straw hat has been given a modern felt/wool update, which works with both normal and beach outfits.

I know that I'll probably be picking all of these up for my holiday - have you found any great holiday buys lately? 


  1. I really want new pair of sunnies atm! xx

    1. I'm definitely going to grab a new pair now the weathers picked up. My dad actually gave me his vintage Raybans but I'm terrified I'll lose/break them! xx