Friday, 16 May 2014

L'oreal Infallible Stay Fresh 24hr Foundation Review

When I picked this up in Boots the other day, my boyfriend groaned and said 'you have SO MANY OF THESE!'. Which is kind of true. I have random bottles here and there that have ended up disappointing me or changed shade or I just got bored of. But I did genuinely just finish my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and thought it was about time to try something new.

The bottle claims that you get 24 hours of a 'just applied' finish, flawless complexion with no transfer, no shine, no dry out, and lots of other no-somethings. I personally never understand why makeup claims to last 24 hours as I really don't need it to last that long at all! Saying that, I have to disagree that it's a super long lasting foundation. I love the finish you get but definitely around the 6 hour mark you can tell it's not quite the same.

The foundation itself is quite a thick texture so you don't need very much. It doesn't actually say anywhere  on the bottle but I would class this as medium to high coverage which is exactly what I love in a foundation! I still use my MAC Studio Fix Powder over the top to set it as I like a really matte finish but thankfully this foundation isn't shiny at all on the skin by itself so if you prefer not to powder then you could definitely get away with it. 

I also really like the packaging for this - it looks very simple and clean which I prefer from drug store brands. The only slight complaint with it is that the pump seems a bit weird - it's like a square pump so if you're not careful about how you're holding the bottle then you get the annoying squirt of foundation that just goes all down the side of the pump! 

So far I really like this foundation and I'm hoping that it will be better for the (supposed) warmer months coming up! 

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