Sunday, 4 May 2014

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick Review

As you saw in my last post I treated myself to a new powder, this was the purchase that went along side it! On a recent night out I lost my beloved Russian Red (it still hurts) and so I thought I'd buy a new red that felt a bit more 'summer'. Enter Lady Danger. It's described as a 'vivid bright coral-red', and when they say vivid bright - they bloody mean it. I hadn't actually realised how much the orange/coral comes out when you wear it - it definitely verges on not really being red! 

It's a matte finish so you definitely need to have prepped lips for this to sit well. A lot of people complain about MAC matte finishes 'bobbling' or drying out but it really is all in the prep work. Lip balm, scrubs, the works - and then it will look beautiful. At the minute I'm wearing it with winged eyeliner but I think in summer when it's hot (haha, hopefully) it will look great with just lashings of mascara. 

Shockingly bad iPhone quality of Lady Danger on the lips!

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