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15 Christmas Gifts Under £15!

Seeing as my last Christmas post was 5 stocking fillers under £5, I thought I'd go the extra mile and do 15 gifts under £15 this time! All of these gifts would be great as either a more luxury stocking filler or a gift in itself. The gifts I've picked today are mainly for females (as I presume that's the majority of my readership) but I might do a sneaky little post on a gift guide for boys later on.

Under 15 gift 1

Ted Baker 'Faked to Perfection' fake nails in Black Floral, £8
I was over the moon when I saw TB release fake nails and also nail wraps. This is only one of the designs but they are all beautiful and classic, and lovely to wear either for the holiday season or just saved for a special occasion.

Metallic Snaked iPhone 5 Purse, £14
Although this is for an iPhone 5, you can still get similar ones for the 4 and 4S. I have one of these and they are brilliant - it keeps your phone secure, there is a small pouch for notes/loose change, and then sections for your bank card etc - even a clear one at the top for ID. They are literally perfect for going out as you then have everything in one place plus the hard casing protects your phone in case you drop it in a not so sober state!

MAC Divine Night Nail Lacquer in Fierce Entrance, £12
As part of the limited edition collection this may sell out quite quickly, but I had to include it! Fierce Entrance is a beautiful glittery gold that shimmers every way you turn it in the bottle. They also do the same type of fine milled glitter polish in a silver if that is more your thing.

Monsters University, £9.99
I wanted to put a DVD in here to mix it up a bit from the usual beauty buys, and this is the title that came straight to mind! I know it's been out for a little while but this film is genuinely funny - there are so many little bits in it that you wouldn't expect. Plus when it's Christmas you have to have a cheesy funny film to watch, right?

A5 2014 Diary by Paperchase, £12
The diaries Paperchase do are so beautiful and I really love the ones they are bringing out for 2014. This soft floral design is my particular favourite but they have a good selection that also come in different sizes for different prices depending on your needs. I've found as I get older I really rely on a little paper diary to keep my work hours etc in so I'd love to recieve this.

Under 15 2

Origins Christmas Bauble, £12
I'm amazed I found this little gem on Selfridges website! It's an adorable Origins Christmas bauble that has an array of deluxe Origins samples inside. It would be a great present as an introduction to the brand or just as a lovely little extra.

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection Nail Polish, £11
Okay, another gold nail varnish but this one is also so beautiful! Part of the Old Hollywood collection for Bobbi Brown, you know it's going to be brilliant quality. I actually know a lot of people who don't know about Bobbi Brown as well so this would be a great gift to introduce someone to their products.

Christmas Pick Me Up Gift Bag, £12.50
I obviously had to include chocolate in here, and it definitely had to come from Hotel Chocolat. I love, love, love the chocolate from there - I don't think I've ever had a bad one. Better than giving a box of Maltesers, this bag contains a few different types of chocolate so if you're feeling really generous you could even share (or not...)!

Large Yankee Candle, £14.99
Everybody seems to love Yankee Candles, and although they are pricey if you have a good hunt around on eBay you can find some at better prices. This seller I've found have the large ones available for £14.99 including a lot of the festive scents. This would be lovely to have burning on Christmas Day especially if you do choose a festive scent!

Red Check Fur Detail Slippers, £15
I am completely addicted to boot style slippers and go through 1 or 2 pairs a year so I'm hoping someone will be getting me some similar to this! So comfy and great to wear around the house, especially on the mornings where your feet seem to curl up and die when they touch the cold floor (is that just my house?!).

Under 15 3

Chunky Eagle Necklace, £14
This one is a bit subject to taste, but I'm not really a fan of the big statement jewelled pieces for Christmas. I would much rather have something like this that's a little bit unusual but still makes a statement (not everything has to be festive you know!).

Zara Studded Tights, £9.99
I thought these were a very sweet winter warmer as no doubt it's going to be cold until March at least! Very cute and I think they'd suit a variety of people as well as they're not overly detailed.

SteamCream 3 in 1 Cream, £13
I was bought this moisturiser one year as a Christmas gift and I really liked it. It's a great product that can be used on face, hands and body. It's a really lightweight formula and I've found it's useful for so many things - I used it as an Aloe Vera substitute on holiday to soothe sun burn, I've used it in winter when my skin is dry, it's just a great product. Also suitable for sensitive skin which is a bonus.

Cath Kidston Handbag Accessories Set, £15
Presents that are pretty as well as useful tend to be hard to find. This handbag set from Cath Kidston has a small mirror, a travel purse with clear sides (travelcard, photo ID etc) plus a lanyard. Lovely little set just to keep in your bag at all times instead of faffing around taking mirrors from your makeup bag or using the flimsy National Rail holders that they give you!

Now That's What I Call Music! 86, £12
Aaaand yes, the cheesiest gift of all. We have all owned one of these CDs at some point in our lives and loved it. This is the most recent one with current chart music on it. I have to admit I won't be buying this but if you're going to be going to a Christmas party or have a lot of family round at Christmas then this could be a good gift to receive and play on the day.

If you managed to get through this mammoth post, well done! I hope I've managed to give you some varied ideas on gifts to buy for the people in your life - it seems to get harder every year to think of new ideas! Leave a comment with any good present ideas you have or if you're using any of the above. 

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