Monday, 18 November 2013

How Much Is My Face Worth? The Basics!

I absolutely love this tag and have wanted to do it for ages, but kept on wondering which products to include. I finally decided I would do the basics that are literally on my face everyday and maybe closer to Christmas do a 'going out' face worth tag! Onto the products..

I actually feel like I have got my everyday makeup down to quite a good amount - when you get like me and buy tonnes of makeup it's hard not to chop and change all the time, but these bits here have been staples in my make up bag for quite a while now.

You may remember I did a post about the Revlon Lash Potion and how much I wasn't in love with it.. This point is still pretty much valid but sadly the tube lasts for ages and I can't justify buying a new one at the minute when I can't really spend on makeup this month! The eyebrow pencil was a random pick up which I now love - it has a wax pencil on one end to set your brow which surprisingly works very well. And of course the concealer - the one raved about by multiple bloggers! I really have grown to like this, it's great for everyday use.

This eyeliner you also may remember from my very first post - it's my absolute favourite and have been using it since I was around 12! Perfect for pretty much any type of eyeliner you want to do - I will remain loyal forever to it! The foundation was a random pick up in Tesco oddly, when I had run out of my beloved MAC Studio Fix Foundation - and I've been using this instead ever since. Then the only two powders I use is the contouring shade from the Sleek Face Form kit and my Studio Fix powder from MAC. I love both and am very close to finishing these two! 

Total = £62.14

I really don't think that's too bad a total! If I went back a year it would be a lot more expensive but when I consider that these are all of my favourite basics which I have bought time and time again, I think it's worth it. Have you ever figured out how much your face is worth? 

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