Thursday, 14 November 2013

What's in my bag?

As tempting as it is to start this post with 'I'm baaaack!' I shall refrain. I really want to start by apologising for being a bad blogger and not posting. The move to Manchester was a lot more difficult than ever anticipated and I didn't have any time for myself let alone to blog. However I'm in my new house, I'm settled, and I finally have five minutes to breath and tap out a post!

With everything half still in boxes I've been racking my brains for a fairly easy post to do... Then I remembered how nosy I am when it comes to other bloggers so thought I'd do a 'what's in my bag' tag! The bag itself is from Fiorelli and I bought it from work (Dorothy Perkins) as we actually stock the brand in store. It's so hard looking at them every day and I eventually gave in and bought one! I've been looking for a nice black bag that can genuinely be used for all occasions and I think I've found it in this.

The random beauty bits and bobs..

This little section of my bag changes regularly depending on what makeup I'm wearing but usually it just seems to have random things as well! I have a choice of 2 nail polishes (Barry M Gelly 'Lychee' and Rimmel 'Punk Rock') plus an Essie matte top coat. I also have a small Dove deodorant which I just keep in my bag for when I get to work after running from the tram stop!

The obvious one, my trusty iPhone 4 and iPod. Most of the time the iPod doesn't actually have any battery but the rare times I do remember to charge it I listen on the train into work. For anyone that's wondering, the phone case is from Urban Outfitters!

I then just have my very grubby looking Ted Baker purse (plus 3 billion loyalty cards for about every shop imaginable), my travel card, lanyard for work and diary. These literally live in my bag because I'm one of those people where if I put something into a pocket/different bag, I will lose it forever! And I don't want to have pay out £50 for another season ticket. :(

I haven't included the thousand receipts, random bits of jewellery, empty drink bottles etc.. I don't think you all really need to see it haha! Rest assured though I am as messy as the next person.

What's in your bag right now? Will you be swapping over to something different for winter? I'm certainly going to make sure my gloves start living in mine soon!

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