Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween Inspired Beauty/Fashion Finds!

Three weeks on, still not moved into my house. So just imagine continuous apologies about the crap blog updating! As I've been living in my cousin's house with not very much to do, I've been reading a lot of blogs and I've noticed loads of Halloween outfit/makeup tutorials. Whilst I still don't have my good camera I can't join in, but I thought I would show you my wishlist of Halloween beauty finds.

Halloween inspired makeup

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour - L'impatiente (£25)
The most stunning shade! It looks so dark and scary in the tube but I've seen it swatched and it is a gorgeous dark berry colour. The fact that it's matte as well makes me super happy and I have a feeling I'll be treating myself to this at some point as I don't actually own any Chanel lipsticks (sob)!

House of Holland Heartbreaker Nails (£7.99)
Although I loved these when they first came out I actually wouldn't really wear these day to day. However I think for Halloween these would actually be amazing! I think they'd be great as part of a wicked witch costume or something along those lines.

Bleach Super Cool Colours in Washed Out Orange (£5)
Okay so maybe orange isn't for everyone, but it's Halloween! If you have blonde hair or dip dyed hair like I have then you could always change your hair colour for the occasion. The Bleach colours are a range that have been recently added to Boots from the Bleach salon in London and are supposed to be absolutely amazing. Might have to pick one up just to try it out..

Halloween inspired fashion

Black Lace Cat Ears Fascinator (£4.99)
I'm annoyed at myself for how much I love this fascinator. I think this is such an adorable nod to Halloween without going over the top - I actually plan wearing something similar on Halloween daytime with some cat inspired makeup!

Urban Outfitters 'Azaelia' Nail Polish (£6)
Another subtle way to Halloween up your outfits is to paint your nails in something like this. This is a lovely glittery, mossy goldy emeraldy colour... It looks amazing. I'd love to use this and get a nail art pen involved to maybe draw some teeny tiny cobwebs on top of! Cute and fun way to get into the Halloween spirit (I just cannot stop with these terrible puns. Sorry not sorry!).

Zadig & Voltaire Uma Leather Zip Tote Skull Bag (£119)
Okay, okay, so no one is going to spend £119 on something for Halloween but I love this bag so much. It's real leather, and all lovely and textured and matte, and beautiful. It just is. If I could justify it, I would!

Are you going all out for Halloween eve or will you be making small tributes to the holiday for the rest of this month? I think I'll certainly be buying a few of these little treats before trying to do something grand on Halloween itself!