Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn/Winter boot picks!

Hello everyone! Sorry all has been a bit quit here lately, I started my new job in Manchester on Monday and have been so busy with it all week! As I've spent a fair bit of time trekking to and from the train station whilst doing so in my comfy ballet flats, I've realised it is getting bloody cold! Especially for my poor little feet. Here are some of my top picks to keep your tootsies warm in winter!

winter boots

winter boots by erinjainex
1. Dr Martens Serena Brown Sheepskin Boots, £110
Ok, I'm the first to admit I have never really been a big Dr Marten fan. When I was younger I just could not see the attraction! However now there are so many cool ways to wear them, I think I'm coming around - or I definitely would for these! Expensive yes, but lined with super cosy sheepskin to keep you warm alongside the sturdy frame of Dr Martens makes them a winner. These would keep you going for many winters!

2. Topshop Chunky Lace up 'Astrix' Boots, £40
I really, really love these boots. The chunky heel makes them comfy enough to walk about in all day, and they manage to bridge the gap between casual and formal. I think these will look really good if used to casual up a dress over tights. The canvas type material means they're probably not going to last forever but.. they're so lovely!

3. Topshop 'Andromeda' Lace Up Boots, £85
I think these are my favourite out of the four. I've really been loving the cut out trend and I think these nail it perfectly. As I'm recommending them for winter though I think these would be so adorable with either the popular frilly socks or even just some patterned ones you wouldn't usually wear! To have a little bit peeking out would be so cute.

4. Dorothy Perkins Black Fur Ankle Boots, £32
Even though I mainly like boots to have a bit of a heel, I couldn't resist adding these. They are quite manly and make me think of lumberjacks - but they're equally so sweet! I think these are the most genuine 'sensible' boots that most people can afford as well. The fur around the ankle stops them from just being another pair of black boots and instantly updates them for winter.

Are you tempted by any of these picks? I know I'm definitely hovering over 'add to basket' for number 3!

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  1. I'm a little bit in love with both of the topshop boots (even though I already own two pairs of cut out boots lol). Obsessed with the cut out trend especially with my frilly socks! I've been looking at those canvas boots for a couple of weeks now too and I do get my bonus next month hmmm... haha.

    Great post!

    Lisa x

  2. I bought a pair of Dr Martens last Autumn and I just love them so much! They pair very well with just about anything and keep my toes nice and warm! I'm dying to buy another pair but they're just too pricy for me atm!

    I also really like the Topshop Andromeda boots you've featured here! So cute, especially with that cutout! Great post!

    Emily | HONEY LOAF x

  3. Number 3 are lovely!