Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick Review

I feel like all I've been blogging about lately is lipstick! It's safe to say that whenever I see a colour that catches my eye I just cannot resist taking it home. Especially when its Elizabeth Arden and just £5.00 in TK Maxx!

I've never actually used any E.A lipsticks before and hadn't quite realised how simplistic and luxurious they were. I spotted it in TK Maxx the other day - reduced to just £5.00 and I knew whatever colour it was I would buy it! It turned out to be 'Marigold', a beautifully bright orange red lipstick. It's actually a lot more orange based on the lips than it seems in the tube but it's surprisingly wearable.

(Please ignore my slightly vacant expression - I realised I have never posted a full face for a swatch!)

Looking at myself wearing it I know it is quite bright but for some reason it just doesn't seem bright in a 'look at me!' way, and I think that's why I like it. It sits on the fence between a big bold lip and just a nice pop of colour. It also applies really well and I actually prefer it to some of MAC's popular formulas! It's quite creamy but without being greasy - it's very 'comfortable'!

I also need to say I love the packaging - I think whilst the box itself looks a little bit old and dated, I love the simple design of the lipstick itself. Glossy black with a tiny gold band engraved with Elizabeth Arden. So cute! And when you pull the lid off it has the satisfying bit of pull - hopefully you all know what I mean by this and don't think I'm crazy...

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P.P.S - I'm currently in the difficult process of moving to Manchester this week so updates might be a little bit slow. :( Sorry!


  1. This is such a pretty colour! I've never tried Elizabeth Arden makeup before, I do however swear by their 8 hour cream! x


  2. Such a beautiful colour, it really suits you.

    Haute Hobbit.

  3. This colour is so flattering on your skin tone!


  4. My love for lipstick just continues to grow, lovely on you :) x