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Christmas Gift Guide For Men 2013!

After posting my last gift guide I knew I wanted to do another one, and when a friend requested on twitter that I make a mens gift guide I got straight to it. I really like trying to find gifts that people wouldn't really buy for themselves and I think I've managed to find a solid 15 gifts here - I even checked them with my boyfriend and he said he'd love to get any of them!  I've picked items with a range of budgets in mind (though do remember if you shop around you're bound to find cheaper prices/discount codes!). So sit down, this is a long post...

Xmas gifts for men

by erinjainex 
Ted Baker Wallet & Card Holder Set, £50
Ted Baker is a brand I go back to repeatedly for 'luxury' gifts that don't break the bank. As well as the wallet and card holder itself being lovely, Ted Baker gifts are always packaged so well before you even wrap them! I know so many guys with battered wallets they've had since they were 12 and I'm sure so do you - time for an upgrade!

Silver Casio A168WA-1YES Watch, £29
My boyfriend bought this watch for himself last year and has worn it literally every single day. Casio watches are great - there is such a wide variety of watches and prices depending on what you want/need. There's actually a rose gold one that I quite want for myself...

Fred Perry Tartan Scarf, £45
I love love love this and think that I might be getting one of these for my boyfriend this year (Pretty sure he doesn't read this so I'm safe. I think..)! Fred Perry is a classic brand that does a lot more than just their famous polo shirts. A lot of their dress shirts are so nice too - well cut and classic. (Psst, if you don't fancy paying full price for one you can visit their outlet site here for past season stock at discount prices).

Videre DIY Pinhole Camera Kit, £35
I'm not too sure on how well this works but Not On The High Street is a reputable website so I'm hoping they wouldn't put anything shoddy on their site. Instead of a lens this is like an old fashioned pinhole camera - I'd click the link as I can't do a great job of explaining! You do need to buy film for this as well though so you have to factor in that cost.

Instagram Collage Poster, £19.99
Instagram has become such a big part of our everyday life now, there aren't many of us left who don't use it! This website turns your instagram pictures into a poster which I would then personally frame. I think this would be great to give to your boyfriend to show random times you've shared - you can use pictures only you two would know as well (meals out together, private jokes, holidays etc).

xmas men 2

by erinjainex 

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum, £18.40 (currently on promotion)
Another example from my boyfriend - I bought him this as part of his birthday present this year. He's really into cocktail making and drinks mixing so I bought him a nice cocktail shaker and 2 bottles of spirits, then got a few other people to buy him a bottle each so he ended up with a good starter collection.

Giant Rocky Road Chocolate Slab, £16
Yes, girls are not the only ones who love chocolate. Rather than a cute little gift set though I've picked this huge slab of chocolate by Hotel Chocolat! Yes £16 seems a bit pricey but when you think a small slab from them is around £4 anyway you can compare the size and price and see you're getting a lot for your money. Male or female, I've never known someone to turn down something this tasty.

Experience Day, range of prices
If the man you're buying for is very difficult to buy for, it's worth looking at experience days. There are a lot of websites selling these so it's best to shop around as much as possible for the best deals near you. Experiences can range from a good deal on a posh 3 course meal, Ferrari driving days, helicopter rides.. literally the list is endless. A lot of them are for 2 people to share as well so you're getting a bit of a gift for yourself too!

Olloclip iPhone Fisheye + Macro Lens, £64.95
If you know a boy who loves gadgets, this one may be for you. The Olloclip turns your iPhone camera into a fisheye effect lens! It creates such cool photos no matter where you are - I took one to Leeds festival this year and got some really good shots of the rides and tents. There are cheaper versions of these on the market but this is the brand I have and can vouch for.

Zara Printed Boxers, £9.99
Nice new boxers never seem to be a bad gift for boys to receive. Rather than your Primark basics though, these Zara ones are nice, good quality as well as affordable. Time for him to throw away those ones he's had for years...

xmas men 3

Set of 3 Votive Skull Candles, £45
Probably the riskiest gift suggestion I've put in here - how many males like candles?! I can only say that my boyfriend actually does, he lights them more often than I do. These are pricey but so lovely without being overly masculine or feminine. They look beautiful quality and I'm sure you could re-use the holders with tea lights once you had burnt through the originals, or even use them as storage for small things.

Hugo Boss Bottled Night 50ml, £39
The classic aftershave has made it's way in here, simply because it is a good gift. What's better than making the male in your life smell much nicer?! It's a win-win for the both of you. If you're buying aftershave for someone who's not a boyfriend/close male to you, it's better to stick to well know popular scents so that you have a better chance of them actually liking it. If you have more money to spend as well, I recommend Jo Malone scents. Absolutely amazing.

Dexter, series 1-8, £79.50
If you haven't watched Dexter, you need to start right now! Dexter is a serial killer with a twist: he only kills other serial killers (plus other bad people), all whilst working for Miami Metro and trying not to get caught. I've linked you to the entire box set now that it's finished on TV but you can buy each season separately for around £10 each depending where you find it. Genuinely my favourite TV show - though I don't suggest getting it if you're a bit squeamish!

All Saints Tonic Crew T-shirt, £30
It's difficult buying clothes for boys - sometimes I think they're worse than I am! I think this t shirt is simple yet really nice - All Saints clothing tends to be very soft and luxurious feeling. The logo on the shirt isn't over the top either which I like - nothing worse to me than a big brash logo emblazoned on your chest!

Lomography Diana Camera, £55
This one is another favourite of mine. A lot of people now have these Lomography cameras thanks to Urban Outfitters (check other websites though and they can be sorely overpriced there). Great little film camera to take out and about with you and there's normally a little tip poster inside telling you how to create cool effects with lighting or timing etc. Plus you get the lovely nostalgic feeling of taking your photos to be developed and seeing what you managed to take (or miss!).

Once again I hope I've managed to inspire you a little bit. I think there's a great variety here whether you're buying for a boyfriend, friend, dad, brother... Hope you manage to find something!

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