Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips - What's The Hype?

I may possibly be ten years too late to this but I thought I'd chuck in my thoughts anyway. I did actually buy this when it was first released and everyone was waxing lyrical about it, but held off using it for a long time. Now, I know why...

I bought the 'Pink Punch' shade, which is very, very lightly coloured. And I mean very lightly. To the point where you wonder why they even bothered!

It essentially looks like there is nothing on my lips. If you're wondering so far why I'm writing this review so long after the release date, it's just because I am so miffed out by this product! Yes, it is a lip balm in colourful fun packaging. Yes, it gives some hydration. No, it does not last 8 hours. No, the colour payoff is not good. No, it is not worth the money. Never have I ever used a product that has been so absolutely hyped up to be so spectacularly let down. To me, it really shows just how good the marketing and promotion of something can be! 

Okay, it was only around the £3 mark which is not hideously expensive, but when I think if I spend £2 more then I could have bought something like the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick (which I love) then I do feel a bit conned. 

In future I'm going to stick to good old Carmex (which actually works and the cherry one smells amazing) rather than believe the built up hype. It makes me feel a bit embarrassed for the blogging community to get so excited for the product to be a big let down!

Did you fall into the hype? What do you think of Babylips? 

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  1. I definitely fell for the hype, for the price I'd rather buy a pot of Carmex or a tube of Blistex - at least I know these work! x