Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Little Life Update

*Warning: this is a little rambly post!* I just wanted to write something to tell you all a bit why I haven't been posting as frequently or with content that I've not just put together on Polyvore!

1. Halloween party!
 2. Cookie dough cheesecake from Selfridges. 
3. When my best friend came to visit <3
4. Puppy selfie!
5. My boyfriend's band release their first EP!
6. Me and my sister at the German market.
7. Christmas Costa!
8. Me and my lovely friend Becky at the work party.
9. When my other besty came to visit!
10. Christmas German market.
11. Christmas nails!
12. My other lovely friend Dan at the work party. 

One of the biggest reasons is the one I've said before - I moved to Manchester! I moved from quite a small town which didn't have very much to do in it and me and my boyfriend wanted something more exciting. So in October we took the plunge and moved! There was so much hassle moving with houses that constantly fell through (meaning I had to live with my cousin for a few weeks!), estate agents who couldn't be bothered to do anything for us.. it turned into quite a saga. However we're here now and really getting into the swing of living in a huge city :)

Another reason is I work in retail meaning around Christmas I am working a LOT. Like, a lot a lot. I barely have time to myself let alone to spend time taking pictures and swatches and writing up posts! To the point where I've become really stressed and overworked, resulting in me passing out at work yesterday and taking a bit of a battering on the way down. It's made me realise I'm probably working a bit too much!

And the last reason is just that as most bloggers do, I've got writers block. I started my blog because I loved reading other blogs and since I'm obsessed by most things beauty, I wanted to throw in my input too! Recently though I've found it really difficult to even write bog-standard reviews which I didn't want to put out because they were so mundane. 

All of this is essentially leading me to say I'm going to have a little blogging break over Christmas to relax, gather some inspiration and hopefully get my writing mojo back :) I hope all of you still reading this (sorry to blather on) have a great Christmas and New Year, and hope I see you back here then with some new exciting posts for you all. 

See you soon!

P.S - bit of a shameless plug here - my boyfriend and his band have just released their first EP on iTunes! They are called Dantevilles and are genuinely amazing - I challenge you not to fall in love with the singer's voice! It's only £3.16 for the 4 song EP or 69p per song but trust me you'll want every song! Support new music today :)

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