Friday, 15 November 2013

Under £5 Stocking Fillers - A Gift Guide

Now that it's halfway through November I think it's about the right time to talk about Christmas. (Anyway who thinks otherwise come back and read this post in December). Unless you are super organised, you always end up rushing around the buy presents in December, with no money left, trying to find bargains that aren't on anymore because shops know you'll pay full price by then! So I want to create a little guide alongside my other regular posts so that (hopefully) we're all a bit more prepared this year. To start with: stocking fillers!

Under £5 Xmas Gifts

Under £5 Xmas Gifts by erinjainex 

Cute little set that should please any chocolate lover - real chocolate that you melt into milk. Kind of hoping someone might get me these...

I love these! (If you go to the seller they do a range of these matchbox gifts). Little mints that you can pop into your bag and remind yourself of Christmas every time you eat one. 

Topshop have really hit the nail on the head with these - very affordable even for the younger market. They also do similar ones for nail varnishes too.

If you're a dab hand with nail art this is really good - five little vials of assorted glitter that you can use for all the festive nail art your heart desires! 

Okay, okay, there were obviously going to be some socks in here somewhere. As much as everyone jokes - you do need some fluffy socks at Christmas time! Dorothy Perkins do these in all different colours and they are lightly scented as well which is a nice little touch.

I hope these gave you a few little ideas - I always think stocking fillers are really hard as the price quickly adds up. I think presents like this are thoughtful whilst still within budget, and then you can obviously stuff the rest of the stocking with sweets! Next post will be stocking fillers under £10 so if you've got a little bit more to spend this year then keep an eye out for that post.

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