Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Chunky Shoe Summer Edition

I literally bought these shoes two hours ago and I'm already writing a post about them. For a while now I've wanted some of the cut out chunky sandals that everyone loves, but I couldn't find the right pair - they either looked too clunky, were too uncomfortable, made my feet look giant.. etc etc. Then when I was in Primark today, I wandered in to the shoe section and saw these. As soon as I tried one on I knew I was buying them! 

I think these are a better balance than other ones I've seen of chunky and girly - I was wearing black skinny jeans when I tried them on which looked nice but they're enough of a sandal to look good with shorts or a skirt too. The platform makes the heel practically non existent so I'm hoping they're going to be comfy enough to wear in the day time. They also (obviously) have no toe so I will have to step up my toe polish game...

They were a bargainous £12 as well so even if I don't get along with them brilliantly it's not too much of a loss. Oh Primark, what you do to me. 

Do you like these types of shoes? Or are you part of the population that thinks they're a bit on the ugly side? Let me know!

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