Monday, 2 June 2014

Little Happy Things #2 (May)

Can anyone else absolutely not believe that it's June already?! Where has the time gone, I'm sure that Christmas was only the other week :( May has been a lovely but fairly uneventful month for me. I managed to get a week off work and spent it with two of my closest friends (Hi Helen and Eli if you read this!) and just generally had a nice time. It's so strange that we're halfway through the year already -  let's hope that the next few months bring an amazing summer!

1. seeing Ernie the turtle at SeaLife Trafford
2. dip dyed hair + American Apparel
3. my new print from tattoo goddess Hannah Snowden
4. testing the new Five Guys in Manchester
5. meeting Caesar the dwarf hamster
6. cocktails at Walrus in the sun

Did you all have a good month? Or are you happier to step into June and officially pretend it's summer?! Let me know! :)

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