Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Luxury Holiday Wishlist

If any of you saw my budget holiday wish list earlier this month, you might be interested in this. The only difference is whilst I quite happily picked up a few things off my list for my upcoming holiday, I doubt I'll ever be managing to pick any of these up. Get ready to sob at the beauty!

Luxury Holiday Wishlist

Luxury Holiday Wishlist by erinjainex 

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the different versions of these Valentino shoes - the pointed flats and the heels are so beautiful that of course they made a sandal as well. It literally kills me that no high street store has made a version of these as I think they're amazing.

Quick story: I do actually now own a pair of vintage Ray-Bans that belonged to my dad about 20 years ago. However I'm petrified to take them on holiday in case I lose them! So of course if money were no object I'd pick up this pair. So different to what I'd normally wear but I saw them on a Youtuber recently and fell in love with the way they look.

This is definitely a rich person treat, no?! We all know and love Smythson for lovely diaries and leather goods, but I never knew they did things like this. It's so pretty but I think also quite a classic design that you could use forever - you'd be getting your moneys worth if you ever did decide to invest in one!

If you don't know who Melissa Odabash is for swimwear, then I think you've been living under a rock. She is famed for it and it's all beautiful and classic. I love this modern twist on a simple bandeau with the mesh panel - though I am slightly concerned about what the tan lines would be like?!

And of course, the classic ultimate beauty treat. Creme De La Mer is world renowned (mainly for being expensive but also supposedly amazing). It's meant to be a super amazing cream that you can kind of use for everything and it will transform your skin. There has been a lot of 'hmmmm' reviews from the press for it as the ingredients are significantly cheaper than what they sell it for - but hey, I have an imaginary £155 to spend! ;)

Sadly I don't think I'll be taking any of these on holiday with me as much as I wish. Have you spotted any summer loves that you can't afford? Wallow in misery with me!

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