Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Best Sale Buy: Kurt Geiger Carvela 'Kloud' Sandals

Seeing as I'm going on holiday next month I haven't been able to go shopping with my usual vigour - which as you can imagine has been horrible. I've only been picking up things that I really need (which sadly doesn't include MAC products) but then when I saw these and the price - I had to break the rules a bit.

Enter the 'Kloud' sandal. The £15 Kurt Geiger Carvela sandal. £15! I literally could not believe my eyes and there was literally one pair left in my size - I knew if I didn't take them then I would regret it forever. They're a fairly simple sandal with a thong toe, ankle strap and support. However as you can see on the back of the (contrast, cobalt blue) heel there are the most amazing spiked studs! And take it from me - these are sharp studs - definitely have to be careful with them! 

They aren't real leather, it's all synthetic, which in all honesty is one of the reasons I never would have paid full price (£70) but for £15 plus staff discount at Topshop I could definitely deal with. I know these will be perfect for holiday and for wearing here when the weather picks itself back up again. I love them so much and they're so much more me than the studded/bejewelled offerings you see everywhere on the high street. You can still get the orange and nude version of these shoes here (full price sadly) but this colour way has sold out online. 

Have you managed to pick up any great sale buys? I think this one will be hard to beat!


  1. I recently got some Carvella sandles too and I thought i'd done well at £30!
    These are amazing, I've never seen them before. I bet they look great on too!
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    1. I love them so much haha! Couldn't believe sandals were on sale so cheap and mid summer as well! xx

  2. These are incredible! You'd have been crazy to pass them up! So glad you didn't haha