Monday, 20 January 2014

My Nail Polish Collection

If you asked me what my makeup must haves would be, nail polish doesn't come anywhere near the top 5. Or 10. It comes bottom of the list - my nails aren't that nice so I don't paint them as I feel it only highlights them! I prefer fake nails if I want them to look nice - however, I've still somehow managed to build quite a little collection. If you fancy a nosy, read on!

Barry M nail polish - the Gelly ones are a firm favourite of mine. I like Lychee the best as it's very natural, and when painted on my (not very nice) nails it's not too noticeable or attention grabbing. I don't really recommend the 3 in 1 hardener, base + top coat that I have by them though as it has literally never seemed to stop my varnish chipping.

I do have a few more Essie polishes but as I'm quite unorganised *cough massively unorganised* they seem to have wandered off somewhere. My favourite out of the three has to be the matte top coat - it works brilliantly.

The one on the very right has to be the best Topshop polish I've tried. Although the other two look glorious in their bottles, none are quite like the goldy-greeny-bluey-every coloury polish. It applies really nicely and looks great in Summer.

These polishes (along with the next ones) are probably my favourite cheaper polishes. As they come in smaller bottles, they are a bit cheaper meaning you don't have to commit to a £7-10 buy before finding out the colour looks terrible. I bought the yellow and orange in summer - they are amazing - and the other two neutrals late on last year. Love all these and heartily recommend them.

The same kind of rules apply for these, except they aren't quite as good. I believe they are £1.99 which is a great price, most of the time on some sort of 3 for 2 offer also. Great for trying out new colours or for buying 'trend' colours that you might not use very often.

Once again I own more from these last 3 brands, but they seem to have toddled off somewhere in the house too. I absolutely love the grey Salon Pro by Kate Moss for Rimmel - the orange - I hate. It looks terrible against my skin tone! The 17 magnetised polish works very well and just as good as the other effect polishes without the large price tag. The Models Own polishes are stunning, you can't see too well but the white one is beautiful white flakes of glitter - that coincidentally look amazing over the blue duo chrome polish. 

And that is it! Well it's not - I have more somewhere - but as you can see these all fit nicely into my little trunk. I'm definitely going to try and use them more often since photographing them has made me remember the ones I really love! The rest may go into a blog sale - keep an eye out. 

PS - sorry I didn't photograph all the names of the colours, a lot have worn off/faded/just have numbers and I didn't want this post to be all pictures! If there's any you want to know the name of just ask :)


  1. So many pretty shades! I really want to try some Topshop polishes, I've heard they are lovely! x


    1. Most of them are - I've tried a few which are a bit hit and miss but most are actually great for makeup that's come off a clothing brand! xx