Saturday, 18 January 2014

Blogger Addiction: Candles!

If you've been reading beauty blogs for a while now, then you'll know almost every one is obsessed with candles. Diptyque, Yankee Candles, Jo Malone.. all lovely and sadly all very expensive. I myself do have quite the addiction to candles as well but not quite the money to match it - enter Ikea's Tindra.

These candles are lovely. Scented, good size, nice glass jar... and they are 95p!!! Seriously. Compared to candles that you can buy for well over £50, obviously they are no where near the same. The scent isn't as good, not quite as pretty and no big brand name but seriously - when I'm sitting in the living room and want to light some candles, these are the ones I go for every time. I actually think I'd be too scared to burn a £50 candle.

We bought 4 of these the other day (£3.80, can not get over the price) - in berries, apple and one which seemed to be some kind of cinnamon/cranberry Christmas scent. Granted the scent payoff is not superb - it's not going to fill the room for hours but you can definitely smell it. I burn these pretty much every night (they should burn for 30-40 hours) so I do get through them at some speed! I always think candles in a room just makes it feel so much cosier - and let's be honest, seeing as England is essentially always in winter - it's a nice feeling.

The only downside is they don't burn very evenly, as you can tell in the picture above. You get almost all of the middle section and parts of the sides but some of it just doesn't burn at all! It is a bit annoying as when they get to how they look above, they just look a bit ratty and it's frustrating that you can't get the last few pieces. Maybe I'll melt them down into the bottom of the candle or something. 

Either way I just wanted to share these - I know that most of us can't afford the candles bloggers rave on about so these are a nice alternative! Do you know of any great candles for cheap prices? Share them below :)


  1. I hate it when candles don't burn evenly. I have a a delicious smelling one which doesn't burn very well, but the smell makes up for it. lol xx

    1. It's so annoying isn't it! I think at some point I'll probably try and get some better ones but for the time being I don't see why I should pay more :) xx