Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture (The Mats 205) Review

I know that some people think high end lipsticks are a rip off, but I just don't have the heart to agree. I mean, look at this lipstick. Look at it. It's beautiful. And that's just the packaging - you haven't even seen the colour yet.

The colour is beautiful. It's just amazing - I had originally seen it in a Zoella video and added it to my Christmas wish list - without ever having seen the colour in real life. I'm so glad I did now as it is everything I wanted. It's dark without being stupidly unwearable, it looks good with everything from a full face of makeup to just lashings of mascara... I just can't. I'm a little bit in love with this.

Now, onto the bit most people cringe at: the price. At £25, this is not a cheap lipstick. I do have to say that honestly, I think it's worth it. When you come across a shade that makes you feel brilliant and has zero problems texture/colour/staying power wise, then why wouldn't you pay more? If you had bought a £3 lipstick you'd probably have plenty to complain about but I can't complain about anything with this. It helps of course that YSL packaging is absolutely beautiful! (And of course the fact mine was a gift, but I would certainly buy more!)

For me it's a little bit of super luxury that makes me feel great. So many lipsticks, so little time *sigh*


  1. I've never tried any YSL products but I am desperate to. This lipstick looks really pretty, definitely suits you :) You have a lovely blog! x


  2. In between #203 and this one! Now I think I'll get this one coz you look great! Thanks 4 sharing :)