Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rescue oil - my new holy grail?

Let's all be honest with eachother - there is nothing we want more than a miracle product that works the first time you use it, every time you use it. And of course, we spend way too much money trying to find these rare gems. I've just stumbled across one - and I thought I'd be lovely enough to share it with you. :)

So, seeing as this blog is linked to my personal social networking sites, I'm being a bit brave - and admitting I have a few stretch marks. I'm not fat, I haven't had a growth spurt, I have no idea where they came from - but I hate them. Let's just state that fact. I know people have them and are perfectly fine with them, but sadly I'm not one of those people! Obviously I have seen the likes of Bio Oil but the price tag and the 'may or may not work' always put me off buying it. I also then read somewhere that Bio Oil has an ingredient in it that actually means it doesn't really sink into your skin, it just sits on top of it. Basically lots of reasons to put me off!

I then read another blog post (I can't ever stop reading beauty blogs) that said they had given Rescue Oil a go. This is a cheap alternative, similar to the likes of Regen Oil. I found it in Home Bargains for around £2.99 which I thought was a reasonable price for something that might not work. I took it home, and started using it after I got out of the shower. It's an orange coloured oil, and it's actually quite light - my hands didn't feel horribly greasy after massaging into my legs. After 3 days, I have noticed a huge difference. And I mean huge! I can barely see any marks on my legs and the oil has actually also made my skin a lot softer. This oil has already helped me feel so much more confident about my body! I have to say I haven't tried this anywhere else on my body because I don't feel I need to - I bought it for one particular reason which has been working for me.

I know the effects aren't going to be the same for everybody, but for me this is such a bargain yet brilliant product that I certainly won't be living without from now on. Have you found any products similar to this? If so, leave a comment! (If you can bear to give away your secret!)

PS - sorry for the iPhone quality photo - I get my DSLR back tomorrow!

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  1. I'm going to have to try this, annoyingly I have a few stretch marks that need to go!


  2. I'll definitely be trying this, thanks for sharing :) I have horrible stretch marks on my thighs, (don't know where they came from) and I don't like them but this product sounds like a miracle and a cheap one too!


    1. It's always reassuring to know that you're not the only one eh! Mine seemed to just literally appear one day. Been using this every day so far and I'm already so much happier. I hope it works for you too! xx