Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dorothy Perkins wishlist!

You may or may not know that I currently work at Dorothy Perkins. Now if you had asked me a few years ago if I ever liked anything from there you would have got a big fat no from me - isn't DP an old ladies shop?! Well no, it isn't anymore - they actually do some amazing pieces at prices much lower than Topshop but with the same great quality and design. Here are some of my picks from the website!

Dorothy Perkins wishlist
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I'm going to Leeds festival in a few weeks and bearing in mind I struggle to pack for an overnight stay at my best friend's house, thinking of what to take to a festival is killing me. Unpredictable weather, mud, dirt, possible blazing sunlight.. It's torture. This parka is a very light fabric - good enough as a jacket, but not a coat. I think this will be a good blend to take to a festival because of this exact reason and I think it will also look really cute with shorts and wellies.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have seen Topshop's fabulous £18 plain cami tops. You probably didn't know that DP do the exact same ones for £14! I have one in pretty much every colour. Recently though they've brought out some patterned ones which bump up the price to £18 which is still great value. This top has a really silky feel and is nice just to throw on with some jeans and flats, or maybe tucked into some denim shorts for a more summery feel!

*Cue another Topshop comparison* Everyone loves the Leigh jeans from Topshop - they are lovely, stretchy, and don't really feel like denim. These are so similar and at the bargainous price of £20. They do seem to run a little bit small size wise though so I would recommend trying before buying!

These are sadly only online because they are Miss KG - but I love them sooo much. They are quite masculine looking and nod towards the cutout trend that is everywhere at the minute, but (dare I say it?) they're sensible! The heel is super chunky, they are sturdy, they just look like they are worth £80. They also come in burgundy, which I almost prefer, but I know I wouldn't wear as much. At the minute DP have 20% off these which makes them a better £64 - if there was a time to grab them, it's now!

Disclaimer: I only work as a Sales Advisor in store, I was not asked in any way to promote or write about these items. Any items I do purchase is with my own money. These are my own personal opinions from spending a lot of time ooh-ing when delivery arrives in store!

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