Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Topshop Nail Polish in 'Keen' Review

Now that we've actually had some days that resemble summer, we can all well and truly start cracking out the pastel colours in everything we wear. This is a nail polish I actually picked up a few weeks ago but almost felt silly wearing because the weather was so miserable! Anyone else get like that? No? Just me? Oh... Either way now is the perfect time to start wearing colours like this.

As ever you get the adorable polkadot spotted top which I love - I think Topshop makeup has such cute packaging that doesn't look cheap considering it's a clothing store's own brand. The polish itself, Keen, is a lovely minty green - almost verging on a duck egg kind of colour but definitely more on the green side than blue. As with most Topshop nail polishes this needs two coats to get an even opaque colour, and applies really nicely - not streaky at all. I do recommend a top coat over the top of this because on me Topshop polishes do chip a lot! 

Left, over white base, right, two coats.

Overall it's a lovely spring colour that makes a nice change from just a pastel pink or blue. I like that mint green doesn't really go with many things either - when you wear it against a colour like lilac or yellow it really 'pops' and makes a statement!

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