Thursday, 31 July 2014

Topshop Nail Polish in 'Unfold' Review

As usual, Topshop have managed to entice me with their make up section. Although most of their products don't actually interest me, I love the polishes. The formula is nice, they're not too expensive, and the bottles are a good size that you'll actually use it all before it goes all crusty. They keep bringing out more matte shades (damn them) and 'Unfold' is the latest to add to my collection.

I wish they had given this more of a food/ice cream themed name because literally everyone has said it is the exact colour of mint ice cream. It's quite a pale shade which I really love - I prefer colours that are subtle especially when I have acrylic nails as I think bright colours can look a bit tacky. 

The only slight problem I have with this polish is that it's just not quite as matte as I'd like. As the days have gone on a bit more of a shine appears, unlike my other Topshop matte shades. This isn't a problem though as I like to re-apply polish every few days anyway or I can just go over it with my Essie matte top coat. Still definitely a shade I recommend!

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