Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Little Happy Things #3 (June)

1. my gorgeous little pom
2. Heaton Hall on a sunny day
3. my beautiful best friend
4. bargain sale buys (blog post here!)
5. damien running in Heaton Park with the dog

June seems to have gone by in such an absolute whirlwind. With the weather picking up I've been trying to get out of the house whenever I can - and our favourite place at the minute is Heaton Park (where they hold Parklife in Manchester). It's not far away from us but it's absolutely huge and a great place to take our tiny dog for a day out. My amazing best friend also visited me before she left to work in France for the summer. We spent the time appropriately shopping, crying in the cinema and eating beautiful food :)

I go on holiday this month so expect lots more pictures in the next Little Happy Things! What has made you happy this month?

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