Sunday, 30 March 2014

Forgotten Loves: The Blusher Edition

As I'm sure many of us do, earlier I was rootling through my stash of makeup to see what I hadn't used in a while.. When I came across these. Both of these are well loved and well cherished blushers, but for some reason I'd been neglecting them *taps wrist*

I bought this blusher because my best friend had an old one that I kept borrowing, til it got to the point where really I should buy my own. The photo doesn't do the colour justice - it's actually a gradient blush, starting with a light peach colour and graduating into a soft pink. When you swirl them together you get a wonderful soft, girly glow.

MAC Pearl Matte Face Powder (Archie's Girls) in Flatter Me

So technically a face powder and not a blush, but I tell you if I put this all over my face it would not end up. Another powder that you swirl the two colours together, these two combine to make a very glowy almost tan colour with a hint of pink. I find it quite subtle and I think it looks so pretty in summer when you have a more tanned face. Sadly this was limited edition so if you fancied yourself one you'd have to trawl the likes of eBay for a genuine buy.


  1. I never bought the Archie's Girls powder and regretted it so it's interesting to hear your thoughts :)
    The Estee Lauder blush looks like a gorgeous colour though!

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I fully recommend the Estee Lauder - so lovely. Glad I dug it back out of my makeup bag! xx