Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Disappointing Products 1: MAC Eye Shadow Gilt By Association

As many beauty bloggers will find, sometimes you lust and lust after a product and then when you get it - it breaks your heart. This is most definitely the case with this MAC eyeshadow.

Can we all just appreciate how freaking beautiful this shadow is?! It is stunning. A true black flecked and swirled with a pure gold. I could rave about how it looks in the pan all day.. but on my eyes, not so much. The two colours together actually make it very hard to work with - you cannot achieve a true smoky eye because the gold throws it off, but the black makes it hard to use the gold (err… that kind of made sense right?). 

This is swatched with no flash and natural lighting - and it almost comes off brown in this picture! I could have taken a million pictures with my arm turned this way and that to show the different flecks. The consistency is also a bit of a problem - you don't get a lot of colour payoff with one swipe so you have to work to build it  a lot. And I mean a lot - the above picture was 4-5 firm swipes. 

It makes me so sad as I literally love this eyeshadow to death but you cannot use it in an eye look without looking terrible. I'm sorry, MAC. I thought we got along with everything. *violin music*

Disappointing products will be a recurring theme on here (sadly as I have quite a few). Have you had any luck with shadows like this? 


  1. It's so pretty to look at but I would have no idea how to actually use it! Such a shame!

  2. The colour looks so lovely in the pan! It's good to see posts like this so I know not to buy the same thing!

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  3. I hate disappointing products, I can never seem to tell myself that a product I had so much hope for is actually rubbish. That eyeshadow looks so gorgeous in the pot too!x

  4. Oh no that's SUCH shame! I hate it when this happens with products, especially when they're so hyped! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie