Sunday, 10 August 2014

Chunky Heels I Didn't Need.. But Obviously Bought

Just when will Primark stop enticing me with their shoes and homeware? Seriously, when? Because every time I wander in I seems to wander back out with at least one bag (usually more). They are hitting the nail on the head with some of their departments - others, still not so much - but yes yes yes to shoes.

These are super chunky, high, black platform heels - reminiscent of Jeffrey Campbell and a lot of the styles on the high street that you see for £50 + at the minute. These were an amazing £20 and come in black, white, and grey snakeskin. The white are absolutely amazing but I had to think sensibly - summer will be over soon and I know I'll wear black a lot more! 

As usual my only problem with Primark is their finish on things - even though brand new in this picture there are still a few marks and if you look closely a few glue marks. However for the price and the length of time these will probably last I don't mind - I don't see Primark as investment pieces funnily enough! Either way I can't wait to start wearing these - hoping the sturdy heel will stop me from falling after one too many a cocktail... 

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