Sunday, 30 June 2013

Favourite new products

As I mentioned a few posts back, I recently spent the week in Oxford. The city centre isn't huge so there's not a ton of shopping to be done - but there's a good MAC there and a Superdrug that sold Sleek makeup so I picked a few things up! After having them for a few weeks now I've come to find that these few items have quickly become firm favourites.

Sleek Face Form Contour palette in Fair, £9.99

After buying and loving the Blush by 3 palettes by Sleek, I thought I'd check out another one of their face products - the Face Form contouring kit. It comes with a matte contour shade, a highlighter, and a blush - so for £9.99 you do actually get quite a lot! I had been using a MAC skinfinish in a darker shade to contour, but to be honest it wasn't great for contouring and I had to use a lot of product to get the desired effect. I think the MAC girl was just desperately trying to make a sale on me! 

 L-R Contour shade, highlighter, blush

The contouring shade in this palette is very pigmented - as are all of Sleek's products - so you only need a little bit on your brush! (Obviously I made the mistake of putting too much on the brush the first time I used it and ended up looking like I'd rubbed chocolate on my face). The highlighter is very pretty but I doubt I'll use it - not really a highlighting kind of girl! And though the blush is very pretty - a rose gold colour - I believe its the exact same shade as in my Blush by 3 Lace palette. So not disappointing, but a little sad that a unique blush shade wasn't included - or at least one from a single pan rather than a palette! Either way this palette has made it's way onto my face every single day so far and I love it. 

YSL Babydoll mascara in shade 1

Words cannot describe how happy buying this mascara made me. The oh so popular 'Shocking' mascara has been repurchased by me time and time again, and because of that, I had such high hopes for this mascara. Of course it helps to have Cara Delvingne modelling for YSL - she can sell anything! Anyway, this had been sitting in my drawer since I brought it home from Oxford, me being too scared to open it's lovely luxe packaging. However today - I was brave - I took it out of the box.

No makeup - excuse the unruly brows!

One coat of YSL Babydoll.

Sadly, with one coat I wasn't thrilled. The brush is plastic and very firm with all over tiny bristles. I usually don't like brushes like this but it was quite slender and allowed me to get right to the root of my lashes. However this meant that the product didn't distribute that well - I could achieve lots of volume at my root with the firm brush but then brushing it onto my lashes didn't work so well. I could only seem to get little bits onto my lashes at a time! After a few coats thought I did really like it, and this is why it's  on this list! I'm not one for natural looking lashes and so the built up look was very thick and fluttery. Plus, of course, I love the packaging - and great packaging easily sways me.

MAC Riri Woo

This is the only one I didn't get a swatch of as today - unbelievably - is the first day I didn't feel like wearing it. This is another one that's been sat in it's box for a week before I dared open it! I'm not a massive lover of Rihanna but I am a massive lover of red lipsticks, and when I saw the words 'matte retro red' I knew I was going to buy it. I don't own Ruby Woo so I can't make the comparison, but from what I can tell the two shades are almost identical besides the matte finish. This is literally my new perfect red though - there's no pinky or orangey tones, it's not a 'say-matte-on-the-label-but-really-have-a-bit-of-shine' colour, and it lasts for a very long time. I manage to wear this without lipliner, for me it has great staying power and hasn't bled once in all the times I've worn it. My only disappointment is in the packaging - I know people get sick of MAC Limited Edition's but I still love them, and I like having something to remember it by. As nice as Rihanna's signature is, that's going to disappear pretty quickly and then the only remaining sign is that it has 'Riri' in the name rather than 'Ruby'. But that's just me being petty!

So there we go, my 3 favourite new products that have been stuck on my face for most days this week. Have you found anything new recently that you're loving? Let me know in the comments! 

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